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Building Features

Keystone Adelaide will be a public building through and through. Designed to welcome the community while retaining and restoring the Way, Simpson and Glover Lodge rooms and creating new private lounge/bar area for members.  

Observation Deck

Three levels of high-end public viewing of Adelaide from the ocean to the hills and everything in-between during the day and dynamic displays at night. 

Westin Hotel

230+ hotel rooms operated by the worlds largest hotel operator. Marriott Group offers Westin - a premier brand and a first for Adelaide. 

Freemasons Museum

The newly established Freemasons History & Literary Trust will curate and present artifacts of brothers and collections from around the world, connecting our past with the future. 

+ More

More secrets will be reveled during the construction process. We aim to deliver the AMoSAH (SA Museum) project as a perfect cultural partnership with government but the alternatives are just as exciting. 

Connecting Old and New

The Next Big Thing

Keystone is not just an icon for Adelaide and a commercial venture. Every element of the building is being designed to connect to Freemasonry, create interest in the fraternity and a unique experience for brothers who travel from around the world to Australia.

Reflecting the past in our future

We took our architects to Scotland and London as well as the Rosslyn Chapel to ensure they truly understood the importance of our history and stories. 


When will construction start? 

Construction is expected to commence in May 2024 with demolition of the rear hall. Working drawings and detailed design work is expected to be completed within 7 months of hall demolition with tower construction commencing in early 2025. 

How is financed? 

Construction capital will be managed directly by the lead consultant through a "construction bond" which will be combined with regular bank construction finance. Details of the bond are subject to a non-disclosure agreement prior to registration.  

Can I invest in Keystone? 

Institutional investors (which may include interstate or overseas Freemason investment committees) can participate in the construction bond or by investing in the Corinthian Balanced Fund as a portion of the invested capital will participate in the construction finance pool. Retail Investors cannot participate in the construction finance. Interested parties can use the "contact us" button below to register interest. 

Where will GL Adelaide be located during construction? 

Grand Lodge is in the final stages of negotiating a CBD lease for the duration of construction. The target site is expected to deliver both offices and a lodge room. Alternative sites have been identified and a formal announcement will be made before May 2025. 

When will construction finish?

Construction is expected to complete in 2027 with restoration work of the lodge to be undertaken during the last 12 months of construction (fit out and final fix). The Grand Lodge may be accessible during construction but for safety reasons all events and lodge meetings will be held elsewhere. 

Can I get involved? 

Yes, the organisation needs volunteers to assist with packaging lodge artifacts and moving equipment to the storage sites. 

There are also numerous service opportunities relating to communication, events, charity and other areas where many hands will make light work. 

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